Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jingle Bells

I've always loved our arrangement of Jingle Bells.  I'm not sure where this arrangement came from, but this is how we sang it as a child with my family, while in our car driving home from church or anytime we went up and down the mountain.

The main reason I loved Christmas time, was for the Christmas Carols that we sung together.  When we sang, it was always a time I could count on feeling peace, with beautiful harmonies.  No arguing on quarreling, just great music.   I now sing it with my daughters and their families.

I'll be putting a group of Christmas songs together on one You Tube video, so that if you want to listen and learn them all, you can play them without having recheck and find to play a song.  Watch for the group to come soon.

As always, have fun listening and learning!

Jingle Bells with all 3 parts,  Key of D

Jingle Bells, high part.  Thanks Janelle Rachelle!

Jingle Bells, low part.  Thanks April!

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