I'd love to have you send me a video of you singing these songs, or a song you think I might like to hear.  

To do this, you need to record it on your phone or other device, upload to You Tube, Vimeo (or other), then paste and glue the URML into the comment section.

A Woonie Koonie Chow A Woonie, Halle's, Ashlyn and Anna's Class
A Woonie Koonie Chow, Mayce's Class
A Woonie Koonie Chow New Move
Eddy Koocha Catcha Karum Samma Kamma Whacky Brown
I'm Going To Leave Ol' Texas Now
It's Time, sung at the Elementary Talent Show
Land Of The Silver Birch, Braylee's 1st Grade Class, Using my RB
Land of the Silver Birch, Carter's Class
Radioactive by grandsons
Young Love, Sung by Grandkids and Great Grandkids at Grandpa $ funeral
Waddley Atcha

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I'd love you to send me a video of you singing this song.