Obviously I like all the songs I have on this blog.  However, there are some that are my very favorite.  I'll list them in order of "favorite preference".  They may be favorite because of a variety of reasons, just because I like the song, or maybe who is performing it, etc.

Taivan and Lincoln playing the Rock-iT Barre for the first time!

Glory Land (I've Got A Home In Glory Land)  - A favorite for the peppiness of it, and for remembering how great we sounded together singing as a family in the car, driving up the mountains in our VW bug.  As my mother once said, "You can't fight while you are singing".  I only have wonderful memories regarding this song. 

My brother Harvey and my sister Sharyn, along with my cousin Warren, sang this at Aunt De De's memorial service.  It sounded great, and was a lot of fun!

Peace On Earth w/Daughters  - A favorite because it has clean 2 part harmonies.  I LOVE THE HARMONIES.  I've sung it with my family in the car, with friends at camp, as a camp leader, and with my daughters.  While singing this with others that make the blend so nice, and realizing the power of the words, it is such a pleasure to experience while singing.

Skydiving, with Shauna's thoughts A favorite because of Shauna's thoughts, the message of the song, harmonies, and I love to sing it with my daughters.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Fun and a little "jazzy", all kids love this song.

Dream Awhile - My daughters sang this at their dad's (my husband's) funeral.  The simple two part harmony is pure and sweet.  I also loved it singing in the care, and at girl's camp. 

Cooper Sleeping at the Dinner Table
Not a song, but a really sweet video, and with grandpa too!

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