Some of you may be curious as to why this blog?  Many of you know me from other walks of life, and probably find this site somewhat amusing.  Consider the following thoughts. 

I have tried all my life to teach my daughters, their elementary school classes, young women church groups, and now my grandkids some of these great songs.  Sometimes I have succeeded, though it has taken some work on all of our parts. 

I have even gone to great lengths for girls camp where I have personally recorded some of these songs on a reel to reel 8 track tape deck, mixed down to a 2 track reel to reel, and then to cassette tape.  I would then make a  copy for all the young woman campers to listen to for 3 months before camp.  I would dub over my voice so that they could hear complete harmonies, and by re-listening over and over, could then learn the harmonies with my help quite easily.  This made it fun when we actually went hiking or to camp because they would already know or be very familiar with the songs.

Another aspect is getting through life with some extra tools in your personal bag. I feel music and songs are techniques you can use to make the best of hard situations.  

So this is what I am attempting to do with The Singing Grandma Blog.  Hopefully these songs (or other songs you have submitted) will become a part of this generation of childrens' life. 

3/26/2014 - Peace On Earth
2/5/14   Land of the Silver Birch
1/14/14 At the beginning of Skydiving, Shauna has some thoughts to offer that are worth listening to.  To read/listen go to  Skydiving (personalized)


  1. Whoa singing grandma - you rock!!

  2. I have sung these songs my entire life long thanks to you, Laurie. As my kids have gown, I have taught these same songs to them, but now they can hear what they're really supposed to sound like with beautiful voices singing them. You are all simply amazing. Love you!

    1. Thanks toni. Let me know if there are any particular songs you want me to put on here.

  3. Thanks so much for all the wonderful singing. It is a testimony to the following quotation: "You can hear the human heart through a stethoscope, but sometimes it is more clearly heard through a microphone." What a wonderful gift of song you are putting out into the world.


I'd love you to send me a video of you singing this song.