Monday, March 24, 2014

Peace On Earth With Daughters

This is absolutely one of my very favorite songs.  I learned it from my oldest sister, Sharyn, who taught us all the songs she had learned at girls camp while we drove in our car (Volkswagon Bug, 7 kids plus parents - it was a little tight).  The simple two part harmony, with no accompanient is clean and fresh.

I recorded this using the GoPro so it is a little unbalanced, as it was clipped to my guitar.  It picks up my voice the loudest, so the blend doesn't sound as good as it usually does.  Sorry.  I'll get a better recording someday…..

Peace On Earth, with daughters

Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 Year Old Child's Version of Row Your Boat by 3 of my Grandsons

Grandpa and I were with Cooper, Taivan and Lincoln on Grandpa's trailer at the garden, eating lunch.  They grabbed hold and started turning and singing Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.  This is after they had sung it a few times, and I had time to grab my phone and record it, so they weren't quite as enthusiastic, but very fun.  Watch far enough into it for the fun part.

Row Your Boat, 3 Year Old Child's Version

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Little White Duck, lyrics and chords


                 D                                                  A             A7                                            D
There's a little (white duck, floatin' on) the water,  A little white duck, doin' what he ought'r
                       (green frog, swimmin' in)
                       (black bug, floatin' on)
                       (red snake, slidin' through)
                       (earth worm, drownin' in)  

      G                        D              E                  E7                 A7     (spoken)
He took a bite of the lily pad, (flapped his wings) and he said, ("I'm glad") that I'm a
                                               (kicked his legs)                          (except on earth worm, "I'm SAD")
                                               (wiggled his ears)
                                               (flicked his tongue)
                                               (wiggled his tail)

D                                                  A            
Little white duck, floatin' on the water,            

(spoken with no guitar)     then D strum x 2
(Quack, quack, quack)
(Ribit, ribit, ribit)
(Beep, beep, beep)
(Hiss, hiss, hiss)
(Help! help! help!)

Go to A Little White Duck, Halle, Ashlyn and Anna's Class to watch/listen to video.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Land of the Silver Birch with Carter's Class on "Pajama Day"

What a fun day at school.  Carter and his friends are always fun and energetic (as they should be).  Pajama Day at school, that is why we are all so dressed up!

Land of the Silver Birch, Carter's Class

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Crazy Song (partial) (includes tutorial of the 1st verse)

This is only part of this song.  We sing the chorus and 2nd verse, and then I teach the 1st verse.  I hope you can appreciate the "opposite" examples.  Kids absolutely love this verse, and I hope you can understand that this is NOT about violence.  Just relax and have fun with it!  (It was also "Pajama Day" at school, so I wore my pjs too.  FUN!!!

Part of The "Crazy Song" and 1st verse Tutorial

Ah Woonie Koonie Chow, Lyrics (I'm sure none of this is spelled correctly)


Ah woonie koonie chow ah woonie

Ah woonie koonie chow ah woonie
I,  i,  i,  icky  i  ki  a  moose
I,  i,  i,  icky  i  ki  a  moose
Ah woo,
Ah woonie kee chee

(Click to watch/listen to:

Ah Woonie Koonie Chow Ah Woonie w/Halle, Ashlyn and Anna's class

Ah Woonie Koonie…New Move, with boy singing w/opera voice

Ah Woonie Koonie with Mayce's class