Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dream Awhile

This song was recorded while we sang to a woman in her home who was terminally ill.  This is also a camp song that I learned at camp.  I also remember my parents teaching/singing it with us in the car.  My daughter's also sang it at their dad's funeral. This is absolutely one of my very favorite songs

Dream Awhile, Key of D, me w/daughters, 2014

Dream Awhile, Key of D
Lyrics and chords

D                         A                    
Dream Awhile, of friendships ever true

A7                           D
Dream of them, and they will be with you

G                      D             Bm
Memories of the loved we shared

      E            E7        A           A7           
The presence of our Lord was there….

D                             A
Now's the time, that you and I must part

A7                            D
Take this dream, and lock it in your heart

          G                         D         Bm
These precious moments we'll relive

E             A      A7 D
When we meet again

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