Monday, April 21, 2014

Sweet Violets at Assisted Living Home for Great Grandma Wilma

This is a song that as a child, I could never quite figure out why it didn't seem to flow as well as other songs - something seemed wrong with it.  About the time I became a teenager, I realized it was the lack of rhyme that was bothering me.  I also appreciated what the song was really portraying, and then I really liked the song.  It wasn't until I was even older that I realized what the last verse was telling me about, "All a girl wants from a man is his "dough".  Now I just smile as we sing it, and enjoy it.

We are missing Rachelle :(.  It never sounds as good without one of the daughters!
Mason helped out on the guitar.  He had never played this song before.  I'll post the lyrics and cords.

Sweet Violets at the Assisted Living Home for Wilma

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