Learn Harmonies

How To Learn by Listening 

Neither I nor most of my family ever knew how to read music - we just listened to the LP records that my parents had at home, and then sang in the car.  You can learn this way too!  

On most of these songs, you can choose Learn Melody or Learn Harmonies to learn the part(s) you desire.  Some have high and low parts (or harmonies).  Just listen and sing along, and before you know it, you will know how to sing that part for that song.  

This is how I've learned much of the music I know and perform.  A lot of arrangements are spontaneously made up, and there isn't any sheet music or recordings of them.  It is also the way I have always taught any of my youth choirs, elementary school classes, around a campfire, etc.  Kids and adults alike that don't know how to read music find learning this way non intimidating, and they can be very successful at learning by listening.

Click on the desired song below to view video

Don't Fence Me In
Don't Fence Me In, Key of D, 3 part harmony
Jingle Bells
O Holy Night, 2 and 3 part harmony for practice
Peace On Earth w/Daughters
Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Skydiving (personalized)
Silent Night (definitely practice only)
Spider's Web
Spider's Web, (quick practice)
Sweet Violets (for Wilma)
What Child Is This (practice)


  1. These look and sound great! I love the Merry Go Round song. My girls want to listen to it over and over again. :)

  2. You are my first reply! Thanks for your help in setting this up.


I'd love you to send me a video of you singing this song.