Friday, August 30, 2013

Why This Blog?

Music shapes all of our lives, both for good, neutral, and not so good. It influences our mood throughout the day. It can lift you up, or depress you. It motivates, gives energy. It helps relieve boredom. It touches you in a way nothing else can. It is a great teacher of almost any principle. It helps you love more, feel more. It can make work fun. It is fun!
I’ve felt a very strong impression for several years that I need to record the music history of my life. The songs I have sung for these many years have helped shape who I am, my attitudes about life, and how to deal with problems. They have taught me resiliency and given me a zest for life.
These songs have melodies that are catchy, and that don’t need an accompaniment to sound good. They were written knowing that most people would not have that luxury. They were written while people worked, walked, rode, danced, grieved, etc. It is an art that I am determined that at least my offspring and any other person interested won’t loose. Have fun!
The Singing Grandma

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